Cron uses what timezone?

(Chrisb) #1

I’m working on a program that uses scheduling a time for a specific function to run. But I’m not sure what time zone the server uses. If I put in 17:00 eastern (5 in the afternoon), what time will it actually fire?

(Andrew Urman) #2

cronjobs will adjust for local time

(Chrisb) #3

Hmm… so what I’m looking at doing right now is grabbing the time that the user enters in the program and converting it to a date object and then using .format(‘H’) and .format(‘m’) to grab just the hour and minute. When I do the date object conversion it looks like it’s adjusting for time zone. For example if I enter 10:00am in the smart app, but I’m in eastern, when converting to date object it (correctly) makes this 15:00. If schedule my cron job with 15 as the hour and I’m in eastern time zone, will that fire at 10am Eastern or at 3:00pm Eastern?