CRON Expression Scheduling Issues

When trying to set a schedule based on a CRON expression it seems to break without an error message. I try to install the app from the IDE but after ‘install’ is says “the simulator is not running” and the app isn’t installed either. Am I missing something? Should be as simple as having the cron expression in place of the input time no?

this is what I am trying to schedule:

schedule("0 0 7 ? * MON-FRI *", "changeModeM")
schedule("0 30 8 ? * SAT,SUN *", "changeModeM")

Not sure if it matters, but I don’t use the double-quotes around the handler method.

Not to thread hijack, but I’m assuming these cron jobs are UTC time? I’ll have to calculate the offset to have a job scheduled at 12PM my local time, correct?