Critical Alerts for Smartthings App

At least the Smartthings Home Monitor should be able to send Critical Alerts that bypass the mute switch and Do Not Disturb settings on a device, ensuring that the user receives important notifications regardless of their device’s sound settings.

It’s pretty easy to implement:


Android 14 allows you to select the notifications, messages, calls, and apps that can by-pass the Do Not Disturb settings. Those selections are made within the Do Not Disturb app. I included the ST app and it works for me. My phone is an S23+.


I know, but that is something else.

Check this out:

I just installed an official warning app and it needs a special permission:

There is no such permission for ST:

Understood. What does the Critical Alert achieve that the DND over-rides do not? I have Arlo but opted out of their Secure App feature. Thanks.