Crippled my system: Sorry an unexpected error has occurred

Upgraded to v2 now all the sudden I can’t do anything with the app. Constant Red banner with Sorry an unexpected error has occurred. Everything was working fine but in the middle of my setup these just started. They were very sporadic at first but now they have crippled my system and I’m unable to do anything.

I received an alert on my android of issues with the platform so hopefully they will get it fixed and it will solve this for you.

Mine is messed up as well. On Android app

getting the same error message, can’t change any parameters with some of my apps

Same issue here. Can’t add any lighting Smart apps and other changes in dashboard give errors.

Sorry guys! We’re working on this. We’ll provide updates at as we have them.

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Same here but something like this has been happening for weeks.

None of my routines trigger and now I get unexpected errors.
This is the problem when you build a system entirely reliant on the cloud.

Everything is still broken and no status update in almost 12 hours. Really hoping the ST crew didn’t decide to just go home for the night and leave us all in an unusable state.

It’s Thursday! Let’s hope today they blast off the new app and scheduler and everything will be awesome…Wait, wait…that was a dream. Good Morning at sunset should’ve happened two hours ago. Crap I overslept!

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I can’t change any of my routines, my wife set off the alarm this morning because I forgot to make home mode disarm. She’s super happy with me…Why the sudden change? I also can’t make any updates to my notification with sound smart app. This is craziness.

I find it totally crazy and unacceptable that this hasn’t been fixed yet. Even more that it appears the ST staff would go home leaving this unresolved. I’ve said it before and will say it again - this is a very immature company with absolutely poor leadership. They should have imeadatly rolled back whever code they pushed during the middle of the day and got everyone back up and running. Instead, it appears some inexpirenced manager let everyone go home for the night rather then resolving the issue. My frustration with this company has hit an all time high.

Bottom line - SmartThings just don’t know how to cloud.


At least, for once…the status page is not all green! That in itself is an improvement

I can’t do any lighting automation. Cleared data & cache un-installed & re-installed app. Reset my wifi. Frustrating.

Yup, to add a log to the fire I am in the same boat. Unexpected error when I try to edit or add any lighting automation (specifically when I get to the trigger setting, ie mode change or specific time etc.).

Come on guys. 16+ hours without an update. Almost 24 hours since this issue was reported. You guys still sleeping over there?! Let’s wake up and get this fixed. My entire system is useless and you guys are not doing anything to restore it! @ryanh @slagle

I got an update this morning saying that to fix my Sonos connect issue (same issue affecting all the labs connect apps) they pushed a large update to the servers, which broke nearly everything else in addition to not actually fixing the connect apps problem and that they are working to fix it (hopefully without breaking anything else).

So here’s a thought, ROLL BACK. Honestly its starting to sound like they have no idea what they are doing and they’re just pushing a bunch of random buttons.

…just in from support:

“Thanks for letting us know you are getting the “Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred” error. We have identified an issue with in the Android app when editing routines, creating a custom rule in SmartHome Monitor, editing SmartLights, and making adjustments in Rule Machine on some account. Engineers are working to identify what is causing this issue on accounts experiencing it, and are working on a resolution. We will follow up with you once resolved, and appreciate your patience.”

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Finally got an update as well:

I have been watching the issue as the developers work on it. They are currently testing a fix that was written this morning, I will update you as soon as it goes live.


They fixed the Android problem a few minutes ago, at least for 3 of us…