Cree Connected Max bulbs <> SmartThings API discrepancy

I’ve discovered that the API between the new Cree Connected Max bulbs and SmartThings isn’t translating the color temperatures correctly. When set the color temp using the Cree Lighting app the color temperature looks right, but when I set in the SmartThings app they do not. I checked the logs in my SmartThings IDE account and when setting the color temp for a bulb in the SmartThings app, it’s wildly off. And when setting the color temp using the Cree Lighting app, the SmartThings log is even more wildly off. For example, setting 2200K in the Cree app results in 10,000K (which isn’t even to spec for this bulb) in the SmartThings app. Setting the color temp to 2200K in the SmartThings app results in a setting of about 3400K in the Cree app. Very weird.

Can someone point me in the right direction to bring this to someone’s attention? Thanks!