How to group Cree Connected LED Bulbs integration with SmartThings and Echo

New ST Customer here and I am trying to group 4 Cree Connected LED Bulbs so I can turn them ON/OFF/DIM by voice command to Echo Alexa.

I can turn them on and off and dim them with Alexa one by one, but I need to group them and make it easy.
Example: Alexa, turn off the lights in the living room (4 cree bulbs).

In your Echo app, create a new group, give it a unique name. The put those 4 bulbs into it. Then you can either select 1 bulb by name if you only want “her” to turn on that one, or select the group to turn on all four.

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Unlike ST rooms, in Echo you can have the same device in more than one group. So you can have those same 4 bulbs in both the overhead group. In the “livingroom” group which has all your livingroom lights in it and also in “house” group that contains every light you have, so at the end of the night you can just say “Alexa turn off the house” and she makes sure all your lights are off.

I don’t want to be dense, but for the life of me I can’t find the Group option.

I have Rooms, Things, SmartApps, Family, Routines…

In Echo app, NOT it the ST app. Open your Echo app on your phone, or login to Select your echo and then settings, connected home, groups, new group

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You mentioned ‘groups’ on the ST app, I know that’s not how you fix this issue but I’m curious, where are the groups on the ST app?

No, I said to create a group in Echo app.

I know I know, but you said this, sort of implying that ST could do groups, you just couldn’t put on device into multiple groups:

So I was just curious if I have missed a group function on the ST app somewhere.

In ST a device can only be in 1 room. In Echo you can have a device in multiple groups.
So IN ST you assign a bulb to Living room and that is where is stays.
However in Echo The same bulbs in the “overhead light” group can also be in the " Living room" group and also in the " house" group. Which is exactly what I said before.

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Ah I see, you’re referring to rooms as groups, I was hoping there was a function I had missed so that for example I could group say, four GE Links in the can lights in the master bedroom, I guess not!

How did you get your Cree Connected bulbs to be recognized by the Echo? I’ve done the standard “Connected Home” setup but it fails to recognize only my bulbs.

Did you go into the Amazon Echo app in ST and enable them to be seen by Echo, before you had Echo discover devices ? I always forget that step when adding new devices. Add to ST, add to Echo app in ST, then discover with Echo.