Cree bulbs not working

Yesterday morning I woke up to all 5 of my Cree bulbs unresponsive and Offline. They have been working fine for years. Can’t help but think this has something to do with the latest firmware. Especially since the bulbs are not discoverable after removing them and resetting them (correctly, many times). All other devices including IKEA zigbee bulbs are working perfectly. v2 hub. Any thoughts while waiting for support to reply?

Although I’m sure this doesn’t make you feel better, for added data for your issue, my (10) Cree bulbs are all working fine. Sorry for your problem.

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Sorry to hear about your issue with the Cree bulbs. I don’t have any troubleshooting tips, as it sounds like you’ve tried the reset/re-pair route already.

What I can say is that my 5 Cree bulbs are still working fine after the v2 hub firmware update on Thursday. Hopefully support can assist and get everything back up and running soon.

Thanks! Yes seems like an isolated issue since my in-laws bulbs are also working fine.

Mine are all working correctly, all five of ‘em

Try resetting your zigbee mesh network. Other users reported needing to do this after the latest firmware push to get any zigbee devices to work (and Cree bulbs are zigbee devices). Now, I will say, I didn’t have to do this. But it’s something to try before giving up on your bulbs.

Simply unplug and remove the batteries from your hub and leave unplugged for a few minutes and then plug it back in and put in the batteries. Just unplugging it will not do it, gotta remove the batteries too.

To ensure that a Zigbee Heal commences, you need to leave the ST Hub unplugged (and batteries out) for at least 15 minutes (to make sure I would just unplug for 30 minutes). The devices will go into panic mode after a period of time and when the Hub comes back online, a Zigbee Heal will then be performed.

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Thanks - I did end up taking the batteries out and unplugging. Although the bulbs didn’t reconnect, I was able to eventually reset and re-pair them. Interesting to learn how this works mechanistically!

I have the same issue. For past couple weeks my Cree bulbs have stopped working and can’t reset and connect them. Seems like a hub issue to me.