Creating edge Driver recieving wierd error from Inside cosock Socket

I am trying to create an edge driver to control a very simple LAN device. My device uses the provided tutorial as its base.

Whenever I try to send an http.request I recieve this error:

[string “socket/http.lua”]:281: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘schemedefs’).

I am very new to lua but my research suggests the error is generated from with-in the socket.http library?

Hi @DavidMcK welcome to SmartThings Community
please can you share how you send the request?

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An update from my part, as you mentioned you used the example lan driver, I tested it to validate that it is working with the new SmartThings Lua library and is working fine. only some comments that changed on the SmartThings CLI.

Thanks. Will hopefully have time to look at it this weekend

FYI I finally had time to look at this and discovered that the problem was, when testing the driver I was hardcoding the discovery process and providing the url as an ip address only. the http.request library requires http:\[ipaddress] to work.