Creating a new Thermostat device

Hey all!

I’m considering getting a Netatmo Thermostat (

Could someone help me out on making a new device for it?


I am as well, sp this would be a good thing to add to the thread for Suggest a device

I just wonder if I can go ahead, purchase the thing right now and integrate it at a later time? Ok, dumb question… of course I can! That’s the spirit behind SmartThings… right? LOL!

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Can someone guide me in the process of creating a new thermostat type for my soon-to-arrive Netatmo thermostat? Thanks!!!

Hey @theedpope! I don’t suppose you’ve made any advances in this area, right?

My Netatmo Thermostat’s bound to arrive either monday or tuesday…

I’d love to have it paired to ST but the only integration I see regarding Netatmo is the Weather Station… no news of the thermostat…

I’m no developer so I wouldn’t know how to start creating a new device type… but I could be a guinea pig! :smiley:

Any thoughts?

@danielccm Sorry, I do not have time to write this device, things are simply crazy at my work right now. I am pretty sure that you will not be the only one needing the device, so I am sure someone will create it or find that another device type works with the thermostat.

I see that it was added to the suggest a device thread, so I am sure if there are enough users that it will be supported.

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@theedpope No worries, I’ll use the Netatmo thermostat as a standalone for now…

But just so I can see it… you mention that it was added to the “Suggest a device” thread… but I can’t find it! lol! Any hints as to where to look for it?

Thanks for everything!

Just curious - not being familiar with this thermostat - is this just straight on-off control? If so, it seems like you could create this functionality completely in a SmartApp using a temp sensor and a connected relay.

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Hey @AaronZON nope, it’s a complete energy management solution… you can set times when it will be on, off, at what temp it should fire and all… even an away mode for when you go on holidays… wait… hum…

Actually, come to think of it… it IS just on/off… but hey! it’s the darned WAF that made the device have its way to my wall… I don’t think the Mrs. would approve an automatic solution that didn’t let her have any manual control… lol!

I must admit it looks darned cool on the wall!

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ha! yes, certainly, you could do this all in a ST SmartApp but I appreciate the WAF part of this. In general, even though it is easily do-able, I don’t think the general public is ready for a thermostat that is not an actually thing but just a function of a HA system.

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Been using the thermostat for a week now and it is quite awesome… if only it would sync to my hello home phrases… lol! I don’t always leave/come home at the same times… so having the lights turn on but not the temp or the other way around is quite frustrating…

Any advances anyone?

I also wish someone would explain this process for non-programmers.

I’m tech savvy, but I’m a mac user so I’m used to speaking about tech in non-programmer language.

I want to add a Honeywell WiFi to my SmartThings app - I actually find ST extremely non-intuitive and the UI redundant, but I guess it’s the best we have to work with now, so I’ve gotta find a way to make it work.

I get that people have created device specific code, but what do I do with the code? I’ve created a developer account, I’ve copied the code, now I just want a 123 list like 1. go to My Devices, 2. Click on XYZ, 3. Paste in device code, 4. Click Publish, 5. Go to app to select device - OR HOWEVER IT WORKS.

These code snippets have been added and updated for this device for YEARS on this forum – there’s got to be a better way to organize them. But ANY FEEDBACK OR HELP would be appreciated to get me up and running - thanks in advance!


I’m new to the ST world but am loving it so far. I just installed Trane’s latest high-end 20 seer HVAC system and a Comfortlink II XL950 Thermostat (Z-wave). I can control it via Nexia but that seems to be the only way and would love to have it connect with ST.

Anyone figured out a way to do this or can it be added to the list? Trane seems to have proprietary communications with their newer units so I did not get a choice of thermostats.

I also have an older HVAC that’s running on a Honeywell TH6320WF thermostat that I can control through their web app…same request, would love to control it through ST to simplify my life.

In both cases, I only need basic functionality (on, off, mode, temp adjust) and really don’t care about all the fancy things (zone control, schedules, humidity control, etc.).