Creating a Github from scratch AND uploading code I have in a file

Hey all!

I have to create a github repo so that I can then share it with you all… but… I’m not sure how it’s done…

I have the code for the .git file in my PC…

Could anyone guide me thru the process?

Running Win10


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I believe he just went through the process so perhaps he can assist
GitHub Commit Question

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I just fixed it… it was a lot easier! LOL! created a new repo from the desktop Github app in win10… easy!


Damn… now I can’t see the new DH from the Github integration… I simply added the repo like I did others… what did I do wrong? The repo is here:

The files is .git instead of .groovy. I would suggest after setting up an empty repo, doing your first commit from the ST IDE. That’s what I did and it made it a lot simpler. Set all the folder structure automatically for me. No muss, no fuss.

Don’t know how, but I think I got it… even though when I try to update from repo it still doesn’t show up… lol!

Then you didn’t get it then, did you? What do you define as “getting it”? LOL

sure got it after all! lol! It’s just that I already had the code updated in my repo AND in my DH list… lol! Dumb me…