Creating a game with ST! Ideas needed

Ok I know this might sound weird
But I’m creating a small real game at my university where I have to utilize the motion sensor and the door sensor of SmartThings.
It may be a maze or something where people can act as thieves and try not to get caught, the alarm received would then be shown on a screen or connected to any other alarm.
I really need help with this.
Any fun ideas?

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Both sensor can be used two ways — Door sensors could require that they either DO or DO NOT break the field; Light sensors could be triggered by having light or absence of light…

  • Magnet on one shoe, sensor on the other and race each other… or
  • “3 Legged race” - but instead of being “tied” at the legs, you have a sensor that must not be broken… or
  • Magnet on brim of one cap, sensor on another - two people try to traverse a course without loosing contact…

Light sensor:

  • Covered lights of various intensity (from full on light bulb, to very dim LED) - As a penalty (for something - or Incorrect answer -etc) person has to uncover a light… Too many lights uncovered or a bad selection of what to uncover will trip the light sensor…
  • Can a camera strobe activate the light sensor?.. If so connect it to laser trigger…
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Certain contact sensors must be opened in a certain order or only some contact sensors can be opened or the alarm sounds. Like a logic puzzle game.

Or give them a magnet so they can open sensors without tripping them, trying to get to a certain motion sensor without tripping contact sensors.

U can use blinking light as clues or feedback as well as sounds etc

Cool idea though a sounds fun!

The smartthings multi sensors also work as vibration sensors. if you put them in a box you can get an alert as soon as someone moves the box.

They also work as orientation sensor (search the community for “mood cube”). This may be interesting for a puzzle…

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