Ideas for Alarms and Detections?

Would like to hear how others have set up their systems to create triggers and create alerts and alarms. In my house I have entry from the front and back garden doors. So I am thinking to add the ST door sensors on the doors. The front door leads to a passage and the backdoor leads to an open-plan lounge.

I am thinking to have 2 motion sensors for now. 1 in the lounge and one in the passage. I have all family members mobiles added as presence sensors on ST. So for trigger rules, what I am thinking to do is if any of the sensors get triggered and all family members are away then send alert to phone and sound sirens. I then have internal cameras that I can log in to and view and drop into alexa if needed. But if sensors get triggered and at least one family member is present then no action. Any ideas of the pitfalls and possible downsides to this method? Will need to take into consideration if lets say only one family member comes back home but with a flat mobile battery then it wont detect them. So is there any kind of keypad solution to authenticate?

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Interesting topic! :sunglasses:

Some people just use the keypad on their smart door lock as an alternative identifier for their system. That way if someone has lost their Mobile or the battery is dead they can still use their code on the lock keypad and disarm the system. Or of course they can give the code to someone temporarily without having to have installed the app on that person smartphone.

All of that assumes that you don’t have a motion sensor covering the front door area, though.

The only keypad that I know that works that is sold in the UK is the one from BEnext. There are some community members using it. It is also sold under the Zipato brand-name, just make sure that you are getting the EU version.

There are additional options available in the US, but if anyone mentions the Iris keypad, that is only sold in the US. It is zigbee rather than Z wave, so if you did find a place to buy it it should still work with the UK hub.

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