Creating a custom siren, help needed

So, I ordered one of those 50 dollar aeotec sirens, and it was not loud at all! So I decided to order my own 12v home burglary siren, wired it up to a power adapter and it works fine. So I am trying to use an AEOTEC smart switch plug (the one that is a cord) to power it to turn on as a siren. It works fine manually if I hit the round siren button in my things menu, and I have it set as a siren to turn on as a siren just like my aeotec one, but it doesn’t wanna fire up when an alarm is triggered (my zwave siren does, but my custom one doesn’t)

Any help on getting this siren to be setup?

Did you select the new siren in the smart app as the alarm device

Try setting up the device type as standard switch. With the new Smart Home Monitor you can configure to Alert with Lights, then simply select the switch you have setup for your custom alarm.

I also have a custom alarm (see below) and had issues with SHM triggering the device when it was setup as alarm. Since I changed the device to switch it has worked flawlessly.

Hey buddy… so, that worked to turn ON the siren for alarm… however, it did not turn off when I dismissed the alert… so, I’m half way there… That was loud

Ha yea mine is extremely loud as well. Im in a condo high rise and my neighbors absolutely hear it… which is kind of the point.

Interesting I wasn’t aware that when dismissing the alert via SHM it would turn off one of the cheap purpose built sirens (like aeotec siren). I turn off the alarm by having it built into my routine of ‘I’m Back’ to turn off that switch. SO when I do occasionally trip a false alarm my first move is to change my routine to turn off the alarm. You could also create a new routine that is simply ‘Alarm Off’ to make something easily recognizable.

Yeah bud, when you get your alarm and dismiss it it should turn off all sirens. But not my custom one :frowning: Looks like maybe i shouldn’t have went with smart things

do you have a costume device handler?