SmartThings Siren?

Is this an existing product or new? It looks new because I can’t figure out how to purchase it yet. Anyone have experience with it?

I’ve never seen that one before but it looks a little bit like the aeotech siren.

It’s new to SmartThings, it’s zigbee (Aeotec only make zwave devices), and it’s a rebranded Sercomm. :sunglasses:

Existing for the European market (notice the plug in the pic)

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It was originally released as part of the V home package.

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Ahhh interesting. Also not as loud as the aeotec siren gen5 then. Thanks @JDRoberts!

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very observant!

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Does anyone know when this siren is released…?

I’ve also seen a (new?) 2019 version of the Smartthings smart plug (EU version):


But the danish translated ST site only list the ST hub V3 as compatible.
Does this plug not work on a V2 hub…?

It will work on V2

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Well I hope it has a native device handler that works locally - I am planning to use the siren to alert me to a intruder tampering with my phone line - which means my internet would be down. That means none of the sirens that require custom DTHs (basically all of them right now) would sound!

Some of the sirens on the official compatibility list should work locally for basic on/off. Typically the custom DTHs are used for advanced features like alternate sounds.

But what event are you going to use to trigger the siren? All custom code runs in the cloud.


I had the On/Off options with the native handler for the Neocam siren, but what good is that? I need it to make a sound not just turn on and off. Surely turning on is just putting it into standby? My idea was to have it sound briefly when one of my Smartthings vibration sensors was triggered. As it will be by my bed I don’t need it to scream for ages. So with the custom handler I have more options - but as it happens I still can’t get it to make a sound - possibly due to the fact the on/off option won’t turn on any more. It’s not been my happiest experience with smart devices so far :slight_smile:

Turning on should make the siren sound, most sirens just look like a switch to the network.

Hmm… maybe something else was wrong then! Nothing seemed to happen when I tried to turn on from my app (with the default handler). I worry how to turn it off though, as it’s a battery one. I wanted to set it to only chirp a couple of times max. I am scared to test it from an automation as I don’t know if I will ever turn it off again since the on/off button doesn’t work in the app and there isn’t one on the device

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Ok it’s working now, I removed and re-added to the network, and deleted the custom handler that it insisted on keep on returning to. Still not exactly what I want as the minimum alarm length is 30 seconds and I only wanted a couple of chirps not the whole house waking. So I hope that when ST sells their own siren it will have more settings in its DTH.

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