Question about accessing another account

My parents live in another state and I have set up a smartthings hub for them. It mostly works without issue but every once in a while I need to help troubleshoot something, usually a routine in the app. Currently I log out of my account and into theirs. Is there an easier/better way? I want to avoid having our devices show on eachothers hubs and Alexa.

My understanding is that if you want to keep them separate on Alexa they do have to be separate smartthings accounts, not just locations. But hopefully someone who knows for sure will answer. :thinking:

I don’t know about easier/better. I can only manage different.

As I am the one doing all the techie admin type stuff, I know that working with another smart location can carry a particular risk of cross contamination, as it were. So I prefer to create secondary accounts for use with those locations.

So in your example I’d be using my own dedicated account to access your parents’ SmartThings, not my everyday one and not theirs.

There would be corresponding Apple / Google / Amazon accounts as required too, because that whole identity would be kept isolated as a separate user on a spare phone.

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Perhaps one day in the future, they will add more features to or maybe not! :man_shrugging:

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Apart from the bill for hosting it, I struggle to see the downside with a fully developed

And I can say that knowing that it I am not completely digressing, for once, as it really should be the exact tool for the task of accessing third party locations.

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To make sure I understand correctly I create another Samsung account and add that account as a user to my parents account?
How then would I access their account? Log out of my app account and into theirs?