Setting armed stay automation issue

Using ST for security is not really recommended but as it is a feature I am trying to set it up so at least automations are stable for my particular inviroment

With that said I am struggling to disarm - armed stay

I have movement and open close sensors around the house

I have an automation that says if all open close sensors are closed and no motion detected on any movement sensor for 10 mins between 12am and 6am then set home monitor to armed stay

Armed stay works fine and triggers accordingly

But if I create an automation
When all conditions met
Armed stay on
Motion detected lounge
Disarm armed stay

Home monitor does indeed disarm armed stay and goes into disarmed but says intrusion detected lounge motion and starts flashing red ??

I can’t figure it out , how do I not have SHM go into alarm state if movement detected

That just sounds like you have STHM configured to use the lounge motion sensor when in Armed (Stay) mode. Have you checked the configuration?

Yes I have Graham, it is used in the instance for SHM as a trigger

If no movement for 10mins between set times arm stay on

That goes for 5 other motion sensors and 2 open close sensors in a single automation

Or are you saying in sthm setup arm stay, don’t use motion sensors, just call them in an automation as an off trigger

Its a bit counter intuitive but I guess due to animals inc kids moving around at night I can’t include movement sensors in armed stay, only as movement sensors to disarm armed stay

What I was saying was that your STHM seemed to be configured such that:

There is motion in the lounge in arm (stay) mode. Eeek, intruders.

However your automation was saying:

There is motion in the lounge in arm (stay) mode. The family must be up and about so lets disarm the security.

Maybe I misunderstood, but it just seemed like the same happening was both bad and good.

You nailed it first time Graham, i just couldn’t figure it out but once you pointed out the obvious it became clear what needed changing

Would be nice if ST had a setup walk through with a Q&A as you go then at the end the option to tinker and refine, never happen but it would be a nice touch