Cox homelife with SmartThings?

I have a fairly basic SmartThings setup with a few leak detectors, light switches and dimmers, and have also ‘integrated’ my Netgear Arlo camera and my Ecobee Thermostat.

Yesterday I was basically ‘given’ a Cox Homelife kit for free (promotion from Cox, not really wanted but made some other services cheaper so took it). They insisted on doing the installation. The kit consists of a smart ‘hub’ (seems very similar to the Samsung SmartThings hub), a camera, a door sensor, and a smart ‘bulb’. A quick bit of research suggests they are using Zigbee (or Z-wave) and thus, two thoughts occurred to me:

  1. can I ignore the Cox Homelife hub entirely and integrate these three devices (camera, sensor, bulb) into my SmartThings setup?
  2. are there likely to be any conflicts with having two ‘similar but different’ sets of devices in the house?
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They are using zigbee with the profile that should be compatible with smartthings for the Device classes that SmartThings supports. I don’t know what, if anything you could do with the camera. The sensor and the bulbs should work with SmartThings, but then they will not work with the Cox panel anymore because zigbee ZHA can only have one PRIMARY coordinator per network.

It’s unlikely that you would have a problem if you just ran two separate networks.

I’m brand new to SmartThings. Changing over from cox home life. Is there a way to use/pair the cox door sensors with SmartThings hub? If so what are steps to pair? (I have Ver 3hub)

Model number of the sensors?

Model No SZ-DWS04

Looks like some people have it working, but it might require a custom device type handler:

And that means it might work with the classic app but not the new app.

Sounds like its over my head. Might be just as easy to buy new ones.

I used mine from cox just fine. Yes, Cox uses the Sercomm… but try using model MCT-350 SMA instead. This is what worked for me and I’m 2 months in. Now if I can just figure out the camera.

For the camera I had to download an entirely different ip viewing app mine was called tiny ip or something. Inbaiscally reset the camera then put it into pairing mode so to speak them turned my router to wps connection on amd them checked the wifi app to see when it actually connected
Once it connected to my wifi I went to the tiny ip app and pressed search for cameras on my network amd all 3 came up. Only problem with one of them for some reason theres no camera being read anymore evem though it was fine the night before now there’s no camera being read on any app I download but the other 2 are working flawlessly now just need to get my zigbee zen thermostat connected to my home i have a cox hub but have no idea what to do with it