Couple steals $1.2 million from Amazon just using returns

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I like that the court ordered them to pay back the $1.2 mil.

Since I’m sure that after scamming amazon out of all that money, they invested it conservatively in a CD at their local credit union.


I’m no fan of “the man”, but I love seeing folks who are using dishonesty to try to stick it to the man get stuck by the man instead.

Fuck them. It’s people like these two that cause companies with good return policies to change that so it’'s not so good for the consumer. It’s people like these two that cause prices to rise because companies have to recoup the loss by this theft. If they can’t repay, which they won’t be able to, then throw them in jail.


@tpip Although I agree with your principle, I’m not a fan of incarceration for non-violent acts. Rather, I think they should have to work off their debt, preferably at an Amazon fulfillment site. For irony, stick them on the returns line :wink:

What do you think? Weekends (so they keep their day jobs) @ $15/hour ($10 after taxes). That would be 12,000 hours / 2 (two people) 6,000 hours. although, that would be a life sentence if only weekends…

Their previous day job was working with Amazon returns. They did it for their own benefit at Amazon’s expense. Stealing that much money is not just a hobby. It takes a concerned effort to pull that off. Jail time not work release program.

compulsory organ donations.

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According to, the guy was arrested in FL previously for grand theft.

From another news source:
Judge Tanya Walton Pratt set sentencing hearings for Nov. 9.
Both charges carrying maximum 20-year prison terms and $500 fines.
Under the terms of a plea agreement, the couple will be ordered to pay Amazon $1,218,504 in restitution.
The plea deal also calls for the Finans to waive their right to appeal if sentenced to less than seven years and three months in prison.

Your math is wrong. 12000 hours @ $10/h is 120k not 1.2m

Try 120,000 hours…or 3000 weeks of work

Yeah, that will make them think twice and stop crime. Wtf?

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The linked article details it:

According to The Star Press , the Finans purchased hundreds of electronic items like GoPros and smartwatches from Amazon, using hundreds of fake identities. They then reported the items as damaged or missing to Amazon, which would then ship out a replacement. The Finans sold the items through a third party, and turned a healthy profit in the process.