“We Alarm Our Houses”

This one just cracks me up. Discovercard is running a new ad campaign about their dark web monitoring service, and the tagline is “we alarm our houses.“

They mean “install a security system“ but I’ve never heard it described that way. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Interesting fact about credit card companies and the “dark web” I learned at a security seminar in December:

Credit companies buy stolen credit card numbers on the dark web. I thought this was ridiculous and then I found out why they do this. To me, it seemed like they were enabling those who wish to do bad things on the Internet because they were getting paid to do this, be it the credit card company or someone wishing to do others harm.

If they buy your stolen credit card number for $1,000 and you have a credit limit of $15,000, they look at a potential $14,000 savings by closing out the account so that whoever else would buy the number would not max out the card.

I would rather see them put some of those thieves behind bars…or the gulag…or hard labor.


Long-standing argument with regard to practices by insurance companies, who do sometimes pay ransom for valuable items like paintings or jewelry, as long as they can keep it secret and as long as it’s a lot less than what the payout would be if the item wasn’t recovered.

They will try and aid a prosecution if possible, but they’ll also often pay a “bounty” if that’s their only option.

Similar issues arise for kidnap and ransom insurance.


All very complicated stuff.