Couldn't register Hub

It does sometimes shows a solid green light, honestly I am at loss with all. It’s connected via cable straight into the rear of the sky q hub.

I only purchased Samsung smart thing so I could control my son’s Xbox via a power switch :see_no_evil:

I don’t suppose some could help me, am in the same situation. Ticket number 1089065.

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Many thanks!

Hi @SamsungZell , is it just me or do those links no longer work? Am getting a bit authorized to view the page when I click on them? Thanks.

Same issue. Upgraded to new app. I had two factor turned on with an old Samsung phone - 2014. Flash forward I cannot log into my old account because I no longer own the old device. I set up new account and when I try to register my hub it says it is already registered etc… I can send picture of hub SN# and welcome code if needed. Please help Brad.@brad_st