Couldn't connect to Water Leak Sensor. Try again later

Today on my samsung connect app on android I’m seeing this message very often when I click on a water leak sensor device. I had this setup done about a week ago and nothing has changed afaik since then. Same locations for the connect home pro that dubs as a smartthings hub, and the leak sensors. Note this error message doesn’t pop up 100% of the time but quite often. Never popped up before. When it pops up, sometimes the temperature field would be blank, or the battery field would be. But after a while both would show a value But if I click on it again the same error message would pop up. Do I need to reset and reconnect them? Do they not try to reconnect themselves?

On another note, since I set up smartthings, I have never been able to link it to google home. always failed after the message “linking your smartthings account”. I have other accounts linked to google home and they all seem to be work.

Install the classic app and see if that resolves both issues :slight_smile: