Can't pair Samsung Water Leak Sensor (2018) - keeps showing up as Securifi SZ-PIR02

So I just got the new Samsung Water Leak Sensor, but cannot for the life of me get it to pair. Using the SmartThings Classic app, my hub seems to recognize it, but it shoulds up as a motion sensor, namely Securifi SZ-PIR02.

I’m totally lost as to what is going on. I did have that same motion sensor ages ago but have removed it and haven’t used it for over a year. I’m 99% it’s picking up the water leak sensor as when I do have it added, then try to add it again, nothing shows up. If I remove that “motion” sensor, it will recognize the water leak sensor again, but as the Securifi SZ-PIR02.

I’ve tried general exclusion and adding again, same result.



I had an old device type for the Securifi SZ-PIR02. Removed that, added the sensor no problem.

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