Could Alexa now work?

Just got an Alexa update for Android.
Now Alexa routines triggered by ST devices are working.

For now.

Could it be true?

There are known problems, smartthings engineering is aware of it, they are working on it. There is no timeline yet for the fix.

Because they are working on it, things may change. It might get better for a while, and then get worse again.

There’s nothing that a customer can do one way or another to make it better.

But until an official fix is announced, probably in the following thread, there’s nothing we can do as customers except either be patient or find another way to get a similar result. See the discussion in the following thread.

New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

So I’m glad that it’s working for you right now, but I don’t think you can count on it continuing to do so until a fix is officially announced.

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Go ahead.
Ruin my fun.
Party pooper.


As I said, if it works for you, I think that’s great. And hopefully they will have a permanent fix soon. Maybe it’s already done and they just haven’t told us.

But since some community members do rely on this for some fairly important use cases, I just think it’s safest to wait until there’s an official announcement. Particularly since people have been reporting over the last month or so that sometimes it gets better and then gets worse again.

Mine has been working today, but this has happened before and it stopped. Like you said @JDRoberts I’m not convinced until there’s an announcement.

Actually, even then, I probably won’t be convinced it’s fixed. What will convince me is a good 30 days or so of it working flawlessly with no issues before I changed anything to rely on it.


Four days later its still working - still a way to go to my 30 but this is progress. Could Smarthings trying to run two different Alexa skills at the same time be responsible for all the issues? Things started working again at exactly the same time the old skill was officially killed for the last holdouts. I wish there was some better communication on this, or maybe the engineers didn’t do anything and it just started working again with the end of the old skill? And who knows if this is permanent like mentioned above?

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