Is smartthings acting up right now? (3 July 2020)

I changed some batteries on sensors & lock this evening & as of this time everything seems not to be working such as my lock & there is a delay when I say Alexa turn on or off light & oh…turning on or off devices through the new smart app are not working also. Is it just me or others???

There is a problem currently in the new app where devices are gradually dropping offline but can still be controlled perfectly well in the old app. Quite a few reports on it now. I’m just waiting it out and not touching anything in my setup.

Ok thank you. I haven’t used the old app in some time & I’m also experiencing issues with Alexa voice control…she’s delayed in responding but my big issue is my lock is not locking automatically & not responding to voice. They just fixed this issue. Samsung needs to get their act together…or the 62 million is gonna be a lot less. This is.getting to be very frustrating. & aggravating.

The 62 million includes all the people with Samsung brand smart appliances and smart televisions. Those using the home automation features are a very small sliver of that.

Just as one example: the Samsung official help forum has 13 million members. This forum has less than 85,000.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t fix the problems, obviously they should, but samsung would barely miss us if all of people using Home Automation left at once. Of course it’s a different story for the smartthings staff.

I can’t log into the new app on my android phone. :frowning:

@JDRoberts you are correct in that they wouldn’t miss us but remember samsung is known for hardware…not software. Every company has a specialty…well almost every company I should say, but reality is this, if I get tired of dealing with a bad product, I dont buy anything from that company because I am gonna assume that all their products are crappy.

A funny story, I dis my.kitvhen last year, but all new samsung appliances & the brand new Samsung over broke right after the Turkey was cooked. Samsung did so the right thing but for almost a whole month I was without an oven…but I still buy their products. They may not miss us smart home users but when they will miss out when people stop purchasing all their products.

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Ive got real issues right now. Home monitor is not showing and will not re-set up. Ive got multiple devices showing offline in the app, but are online on the IDE and automation are working correctly. I guess i will need to re-install the classic app to get smart home monitor back. Right now i have no alarm

I am facing similar issues now… Even in the app my devices are confused…
In the home screen devices like my Hue bulbs show offline, then if I click on them it shows connected instead of the actual functions.