Costco Presidents Day: extra $50 off Arlo Pro 3 three pack

A friend just sent me this deal. If you are a Costco member, they are offering an extra $50 off their Arlo pro three camera three pack with the base station until February 24. You do have to be a member to see the price, and it may be different at different stores. But it sounds like a good deal. :sunglasses:

A couple of caveats.

  1. Although the Arlo pro two is on the official SmartThings compatibility list, I believe there is no integration with the three yet. so The only integration you would get right now would be through Ifttt.

  2. Arlo just announced HomeKit integration for this model as of today, 19 February 2019. That’s a firmware update. But I don’t know if you can have HomeKit integration and Ifttt integration at the same time.

  3. The Wi-Fi range on this model is somewhat shorter than on the previous model, apparently a trade off for having color night vision. And as with all models, you need to have really good Wi-Fi if you want to have a good video.

  4. This is a battery operated device, but has a different charging system than previous generations, so you can’t use previous generation batteries or accessories with it.

  5. Arlo has discontinued Their free cloud storage service. After the first three months you will have to buy a plan to get some of the features so read plan details carefully, they are complicated. And although they have HomeKit integration now, they don’t yet have “HomeKit Secure” integration, so you don’t get the free iCloud storage option.

I’m not in the market for more cameras right now, but this did look like a really good deal so I thought I would go ahead and post it.

When doing price comparisons make sure you are comparing the right model. The “Arlo three pack“ is probably the original Arlo first generation, just three of them. That’s different than the “Arlo pro 3“ models.

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