Arlo system for $99

Update 12/19 - Looks like this deal is over. Amazon pricing is back at $144.

Just stumbled upon this, amazon has the arlo one camera system for $99 (VMS3130). Just pick one up myself and thought I would share here.

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Don’t you need the arlo base unit though? This looks like it is just an add on camera

I looked on the arlo website and it says this is the kit model (VMS3130). It shipped prime so I’m supposed to get it by Tuesday. If it’s not the kit, I’ll update this post.

It says it’s a kit with the base station in the listing.

Just a few things to be aware of: This is a model that has been superseded. There is now an Arlo Pro which is much better than this original Arlo Wireless, though they’ll continue selling these for a while. The Arlo Pro has much better motion detection and uses a rechargeable battery rather than 4x CR123A Lithium batteries (which aren’t cheap)

Also, you WILL want to buy additional cameras, so factor that into your costs. You can only have 5 cameras max before you have to start paying an annual subscription fee


Hey Steve, thanks for the heads up. I’m just getting into home security and wanted something simple (and inexpensive) to keep tabs on home deliveries and had direct smartthings integration. Interestingly enough, the pro cameras are backwards compatible with the first gen arlo base. You can always add a pro camera for about $180, so you can have a two camera system for $280 (if you don’t need the local storage option and siren that the pro base offers).

Picked up two. I figure I’ll sell the extra base and have a 2 camera starter kit for under $200. I’d like to see a model with a solar recharging capability.

Amazon had the 5 pack of cams & hub for $419 yesterday. Seems they are "on sale " quite often since the release of the Arlo Pro

There is one set of rechargeable CR123A that Netgear endorse. I think those Veeki ones look good and should do the trick. Unfortunately, they can also come in 3.2V varieties which don’t work well with the battery meter. It’s quite strange since the Lithiums are only 3.0V

And yup, buying these cheap kits and adding an Arlo Pro camera is a good strategy for those that don’t need the local USB storage or the built in siren

Here are the Netgear Arlo approved rechargeables, $50 on Neatgear site or Amazon
Combo: (Netgear Certified) Tenergy 3.7V RCR123A Li-ion Battery Charger + 4 pcs 3.7V 650mAh RCR123A Li-ion Batteries for Arlo Wire-Free HD Security Cameras (VMC3030) UN, UL Certified

4 batteries or charger available for $25 each as well.

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It says its a one camera kit. Camera kit contains cameras and a “central hub”. They also sell the stand alone or"add on" cameras for cheaper.

Looks like this deal is over. Amazon pricing is back at $144.