Cost effective door/window sensors (UK)

Good luck! Post a review after you get them, they look like nice devices.

As I am a sucker for recommendations I am thinking of getting a few of these but has anyone got any recommendations for anything else from this company that is a lot cheaper?

Edit… As I am browsing I have noticed that some things show which warehouse the item comes from - so presumably by choosing something that comes from an EU warehouse then it will be guaranteed there will be no import charges.

Mavis, there’s a dedicated website for their EU warehouse (which I thought was in the UK).

Stuff tends to arrive very quickly from there, and obviously with no customs worries.

Similarly, DealExchange also has an EU warehouse - bigger range of products than BG.

I’m forever buying a load of old tut from both sites!

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How did you pair them, @rednose66? My sensors have turned up, but “looking for things” in the ST app doesn’t find them. I notice there’s a button on the sensor which flashes a green LED. But the instructions are a bit sparse.

How do you put the things into pairing mode?

Did you try holding the button down until the LED flash pattern changes?

Remove the battery for a few seconds and replace them. The green light flashes temporarily - it was at this moment I put the ST app into search mode and the Thing appears within 5-10 seconds.

I also noticed that if I held the button in for a couple of seconds the green light started to flash in a similar fashion as replacing the battery.

The next evolution for this device would be battery levels being reported…but other than that they look really nice and the “unclip” feature is great for replacing batteries.

Thanks all. Got it working. The “Searching for things” didn’t report finding anything (just kept looking), but when I logged into the API it was waiting there for me. Device type changed and now it’s fine.

Battery reporting would be good - wonder whether the data is in there somewhere? Temperature too…

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I’ll keep an eye on this thread. I got disappointed when the Xiaomi ones decided they didn’t want to stay paired :frowning:

The Orvibo devices are certified for the Zigbee Home Automation profile (ZHA 1.2), which is the same one SmartThings uses. The Xiaomi ones are not. So the Orvibo should have no difficulty staying on the ST network.

Many devices use zigbee, that’s basically the “outside of the envelope.” But once the message is delivered, if the sender and receiver don’t use the same zigbee protocol they may not be able to fully understand the contents of that " envelope." Or it may not get the number of envelopes it expects.

In this case, Xiaomi, like some Zigbee devices, appears to be expecting an occasional check in message which SmartThings doesn’t send since it is not part of the ZHA profile. So it drops off the network.

I expect if the Xiaomi devices were used with their own gateway, they’d be fine. But they’ll likely fail in the same way with any zigbee coordinator using the ZHA profile, not just ST.

On the other hand, Orvibo made a splashy announcement at CES that their line of sensors would use the ZHA profile and they carried through on that. So they were designed from the beginning to work with third party coordinators (that use ZHA), including ST. :sunglasses:

You won’t get temperature reporting–one reason the Orvibo devices are so inexpensive is that they have minimal internals. It’s not just that they aren’t reporting temperature–they don’t have the hardware to measure it in the first place. (That’s not uncommon with inexpensive sensors.)

Battery reporting is a different issue as that’s a standard function for this device class. It’s likely that there is a way to get that, but it might require a custom device handler.

Yeah I understand that. It was the price that made me hopeful. The SwannOne’s got me hopeful too after their support told me their motion sensors are Zigbee HA 1.2, but they also have a disconnection issue.

Good to know Orbivo have made the effort though. May have to invest :slight_smile:

The SwannOne devices are HA1.2 certified, but they also keep falling off the ST network. So I don’t think certification is the be all and end all…

True, it never is. But it’s an important first step.

On the SwannOne, I haven’t followed those, what’s the insecure rejoin setting when they fall off? That’s a separate known issue.

No, it’s not the rejoin issue - it’s something else.

Well, I’m happy to report that the Orvibo door sensors stay connected without any problems at all.


I’m also able to confirm that I’ve not had any issues so far. Would need to look into to see if it is possible to report on battery levels. Otherwise work well.

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I’ve been keeping on eye on this thread as like many here, devices in Ireland are even more expensive than the UK. If Orvibo sensors are compatible with ST does that mean the Orvibo Smart Plugs are compatible too?

Unfortunately, no. Different protocol, and it doesn’t look like there’s an open API.

Tks JD for the info.

WeMo switches are now compatible in ST, cheaper than Samsung ST outlets if that helps?