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I’ve successfully created a piston to “Take a picture” when motion is detected on my camera. I know it is running because I see it executed in my Activity Feed. Hopefully this is a silly question, but where can I view the picture that was taken?

You’re in luck, it is a silly question…but only because you didn’t tell us what “my camera” refers to.

It’s a Nest camera

And the documentation that came with your Nest camera doesn’t tell you how to view pics/videos that it takes?

I’d think it would show up in the Nest App, but an image does not always appear when the piston is triggered, so I was hoping to view it elsewhere.

What you’re saying is that triggering a picture (via CoRE) in the camera will just put the image wherever the camera is programmed to do so?

I would imagine so. ST has no way of redirecting your camera’s video data to someplace else.

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