CoRE not recognizing Arlo Pro as a Camera device

I have Arlo Pro camera working just fine with SHM and as a “thing” in the ST app - but CoRE doesn’t recognise the Arlo as a Camera device. Anytime I try build a piston and choose the Camera capability, I get a “There are no devices with this capabilty” message. The cameras DO however show up in the “Switch” and “Motion Sensor” capability. Is it possible to have CoRE recognise the cameras to use the recording action when triggered by something?

Is there any other SmartApp that exists which could control the Arlo’s independently from SHM?

You can use all device commands regardless of the capability used to select it - the DTH should declare the Image Capture capability…

I’m trying something like this also with my regualar Arlo camera and I’m not seeing the image capture listed. Granted I’m still a noob with CoRE but I have made some pistons before that are working fine. When I setup my basic piston to wait for movement on a motion sensor and then I have it selected to select switch of the Arlo cam. The task for this I thought would be recordClip(…), but I do see a capture(…) option above it too. Is that what you were referring to? Would capture give me a single still shot versus the video?

Same problem with me. I have Samsung smart cam. it works with STH app but in the CoRE App, the camera is not listed in camera section.

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I also have Arlo, and when I select Camera capabilit it doesn’t list the cameras, and says “You can’t currently add this”.

I suspect it’s due to the cameras being added through the Arlo app, instead of directly to ST hub, but I’m a n00b, so that’s just a guess…

You can use all device commands regardless of the capability used to select it - the DTH should declare the Image Capture capability…

I’m not quite sure I understand that you mean.

If I try to define a piston using image capture or motion detection or video, I’m told that I can’t currently add that capability in the list of devices. So how is it supposed to work, then?

I haven’t got a video camera to cannot comment from looking at something but I think they are trying to say that every DTH has 'capabilities ’ listed within it.
If you look at the DTH yiu are using can you see this.
If not modify the code by putting in an extra line that says something like -
capability = ‘image capture’.
Not sure if this is correct but might help.

Here is a screenshot from a motion sensor.
capability "Motion Sensor"
capability "Polling"
capability "Refresh"
capability "Sensor

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using any rule you have a THEN to select an action. When it later asks which device, scroll all the way to the bottom and select control any device

then select cameras

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If I am being dense, I apologize:

If I wish to use my Arlo as an IF condition-motion or image capture-being able to set a THEN action doesn’t seem very helpful. It’s the first part-using the device for an IF condition-that doesn’t seem possible in my experimentation.

its cool :slightly_smiling_face:
i looked into, and im surprised the arlo is not listed under cameras when choosing an if capability

As I mentioned, it’s not native. You have to connect the Arlo through the Arlo gateway/app. Perhaps that’s the reason? There must be some intention to have integration, though. WHen I connected Arlo to ST, it changed my custom rules in Arlo to some SmartThings profile.

I haven’t spent a bunch of time on this, but I also haven’t turned up any useful integration, either.

I have the Samsung HD Pro camera and I can’t select it as something to use in CoRE either.

Everyone - somehow sometime I have lost the recordClip(…) option in CoRE for Arlo - and I think that’s the one I could call with a NUMBER for the length of video. I can’t seem to force an Arlo to record through CoRE any longer. Anyone else seeing this ? Thx.

80sTiger, that’s exactly the functionality I’m looking for but have been unable to find. I want to trigger the recording based on other conditions and I can’t find that.

Any idea on if there will be a DTH for the SmartCam HD Plus (6417)? I’ve got it in the ST app and it works fine there. I haven’t linked any DTH code in the IDE, so is there a solution out there that will allow the features of the SmartCam that work with the SmartCam app as triggers (motion detection, etc.,) and the fact it apparently is a DT of some sort in ST so that I can use its features with CoRE?