Core to webcore options?

ok 2 options in Core I can not find in Webcore

  1. I can not see the run “Only once per day” from core in Webcore

  2. Also the “select a voice” from core

just blind I am sure

  1. It depends on how you intend to use it. if you mean, running a task every day at the same time, there is the timer block you can use…

    that is just an example case.

  2. I am not familiar with select a voice in CoRE. You may want to post your questions over on the WC forum.

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thanks will try over there

It is a bit more complicated wanting to fine tune my pistons to run once only, between select times but once they run not to run again until the next day.
basically using presence sensors and motion/door sensors to activate speakers to greet or say good morning. I do not want them activating numerous times per day.
Core had a simple option to select to accomplish this but webcore is a bit more complicated.
core lacked other fine tuning options though.


Here are a couple threads over there that may help (the second one was where I asked about doing pretty much the same thing as you’re asking for here)…

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thanks yes I did something similar to the second example and it appears to work fine. Was a bit of a pain to find how to set the variable definitely not as easy as in Core (but I never really tested if it worked in Core).
what is not clear is if the variable is set in the piston and saved until the next day is that saved variable saved for all of WebCore or only for that specific piston?
As I had several different pistons that I only wanted to run once each per day I justed defined a different variable name for each piston to be safe.

as far as the missing second Core option

After searching the other forum it appears that the option has been removed from WebCore and might be added later.

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RE: the variables…
In webCoRE, there are 2 kinds of variables, ‘local’ and ‘global’.

I don’t know much about them yet, or the differences between them, or why to use one or the other (evidenced by the fact that I was instructed to NOT use a global variable for something which I thought would be best like that lol ), but the first is just on a per/piston basis, and the other is for the entire webCoRE instance.

Here’s the page on Variables in the webCoRE wiki…

RE: ‘select a voice’
Thanks. Good to know. :slight_smile: