CoRE Sonos Speak Text Problem

Other Smart Apps text-to-speech work with Sonos but CoRE does not. Apparently I am not alone. Am I doing something wrong? I choose “audio notification device” and select my Sonos speaker. I then choose “Speak Text” and enter the text to speak with a specified volume level. Yet nothing happens. Simulation Commands Executed:

Executing command: [Downstairs Speaker].playText([Testing the Speak Text in core, 40]) (28ms)

Nothing happens. Help?

Try control media player and then select speak text and restore OR resume…

Forgot I posted this. Speak text and restore worked perfectly. Thank you.

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What exactly means Restore means in Speak Text and Restore? Restore what? The original volume of the device? Can someone tell me?
And there is another one Speak Text and Resume, Resume I guess is to resume the music if it was playing some music. I guess


You may get a faster response if you post over on the webcore forum.