CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Ill try when i get home as well

I have a device handler that has these items listed:

Device Handler Current States

switch: off
button: pushed
washerWatts: 0 watts
dryerWatts: 5 watts
washerState: off
dryerState: off

I’m able to access the switch, and button values. I need to access the washerState and later once I have washer Piston running I’ll move to dryerState. Can I get some help/guidance with how to access the washerState value from the device handler and not the value of my global/local washerState?

Is this possible with CoRE? If so what am I doing wrong?

I have tried using global variable set to @washerState = on and then I tried washerState = on with local scope.

Silly question… How do you export the IF THEN to look like your screenshot instead of taking a screenshot of the phone app GUI?

Go to dashboard within your CoRE app and click on the top-right vertical dots and you’ll see screenshot option . You only see the dashboard if you have done OAuth on graph ide

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Got it, thanks!

You might be able to pull off those values from the Sensor capability.

Any idea why this isn’t working? I know my IF condition is working as it will trigger other actions. It’s just the web request that isn’t going through. The same settings work when initiated by IFTTT. It makes me suspect the JSON body is not being formatted properly.

For the action, I set the variable “entity_id” to string variable “light.bed_lamp_2”. Then make the web request. I see the button press happening in live logging but I don’t see any thing else happening. I wish there was a way to manually input a raw JSON body, rather than only rely on variables.

Is it possible to find out which Preset# a movable camera is currently set at…
…OR to find out whether or not it’s at a specific Preset#?

I have a camera that has some kind of glitch and reboots periodically. Well, until I have a chance to fully troubleshoot or replace it, I want to see if I can monitor for it to move away from Preset1 so that I can tell it to go back.

I already know how to tell it to go to Preset1. I have a virtual switch dedicated to this so I can do it manually.
I also have a CoRE Piston set to send that command every 15 minutes.

However, I know that may be too much, and I’d rather only send the command when the system actually knows that it has moved away from Preset1.

Need some help: every time I tap on “CoRE Dashboard: Tap here to initialize the CoRE dashboard”, I get “An unexpected error occurred” message. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Any way to get Core to set a Virtual Lock to “Locked” / “Unlocked”?

Let me guess, you are in the UK, right?

It appears that ST might have made some updates that caused older versions of CoRE to exceed the max size limit (limit was lowered a bit). If you are running an older version of CoRE, do update and that should fix it.

I would like to make my piston wait for 5 seconds before the state is evaluated.
However then-if seems to be not working as it’s triggered immediately… Please help.

I’m trying to program a security system with the Iris Keypad and some door sensors. I had used the Smart Alarm app to make use of delays but wasn’t really a fan, and I figured I could program something through CORE that would handle the security alarm the way I want. I’m trying to set a delay after arming the system through CORE. Once you punch in the passcode to arm the system, by default the system goes into Armed/Away mode.

Once Armed/Away mode is triggered, I want the keypad the beep 3 times, disarm the system for a 3 minute window where you can leave the house without triggering the alarm, beep 3 more times, and then change the SHM status to Armed/Stay. I have a separate CORE piston that will switch the armed status to Armed/Away if/when the Location Mode goes into Away.

Piston Mode

Smart Home Monitor Changes to Armed/Away
Location Mode is one of [Home or Night]
Using Iris Keypad…Beep
Using Location…Wait 5 Secs
Using Iris Keypad…Beep
Using Location…Wait 5 Secs
Using Iris Keypad…Beep
Using Location…Wait 3 Minutes
Using Iris Keypad…Beep
Using Location…Wait 5 Secs
Using Iris Keypad…Beep
Using Location…Wait 5 Secs
Using Iris Keypad…Beep
Using Location…Set SHM alarm to Armed/Stay

I’m guessing there is a more elegant way to iterate some of the Beep/Wait 5 seconds actions using a For Loop but I couldn’t figure out how. But even the way I have it programmed isn’t working correctly. It instantly switches to Armed/Stay and beeps once. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

I’m in Colorado and running the most current version of CoRE.

Cool, both my assumptions were wrong. Go figure… hmmmm then I have no clue. Restarted hub?

This is happening because each individual action is executed simultaneously. So if they were grouped together then they would execute in order. I am drawing a blank on grouping multiple different items

Thanks for the reply. Could I trigger the actions via their own virtual switches and pistons?

I’m unfamiliar with “grouping” actions together, but would it work to create a Beep Virtual Switch, 5 Second Timer Virtual Switch, 3 Minute Timer Virtual Switch, and Armed/Stay Virtual Switch and just toggle them on/off consecutively in my main arming piston which would in turn execute their own individual action pistons?

Try something like the piston posted here Auto Close Garage Door After 15 min open?

I hope someone can help me here:

I’ve got some Securifi SZ-PIR02 motion sensors connected, and working, but there’s a significant (3-5) second delay when I pass the action through to Stringify. I get that delay with other actions too, so I tried to run a rule with CoRE, and it just doesn’t seems to catch anything!

I wrote a Latching Piston:

IF sensor CHANGES TO active AND light IS off
THEN Turn on Light

BUT IF sensor was not active for 5 minutes
THEN Turn off

It’s not firing at all :frowning:

I’m seeing the active/inactive flop in the Events list on the sensor, but nothing is passing into CoRE.

I wonder if this is because the sensor flops back to inactive within 350-400ms?

Any thoughts on how better to trigger this? Should i be using “Changed in the last minute” instead of “changes to active?”

Is there a general issue with CoRE refresh speed?

Another thing I should mention, is that my lights are Hue bulbs, using the Hue Advanced Device Handler

Give this a shot… It will do everything you want.

If you’re using Alexa take a look at EchoSistant. I’m about to release version 4 and it incorporates voice control with exit delays and the keypads… As well as entry delays.