CoRE Piston state duration help

I am new to creating CoRE pistons and need some help. I have a 3D printer that is connected to a IRIS Smart plug and is using @blebson DH that reads power. What I would like to do is turn the printer off after the print is finished. But rather than using a motion detector to trigger the plug as I have seen in other postings. I would like to have a piston that will shut off the printer after the wattage drops to below 3 watts for a 5 minute period of time. But I am struggling in finding where I can set up the duration variable. Is this possible?

You will get the quickest answers to any core questions by asking in the core peer assistance thread. Just add your question to the end of the thread and the core experts there will be glad to help you. :sunglasses:

Yes I believe that will work! Thanks for the help.