Auto Close Garage Door After 15 min open?

I would like my garage doors to auto close after 15min in open state. ( Kid issues)

How can I program this?

Hi @jr6001,

I bet Rule Machine would have done this, but what about the CoRE SmartApp? I bet it will too. I don’t use it yet, but you can ask others here:

CoRE probably can do this, but it is generally not recommended to automatically close a garage door when you are not in sight of it. Suppose someone has pulled partway into the garage and stopped, perhaps to unload the trunk. Or if a child is playing nearby. or if a person has collapsed.

Unfortunately, automatic safety features on a garage door may not prevent damage or injury in these these circumstances. There used to be a smart app called “the ridiculously automated garage door” which did automatically close after a few minutes, but at least one community member had their car damaged from the garage door closing on it while the person was loading or unloading the car.

You might also get locked out if you put the car in the garage and then had to run out again, perhaps to catch a runaway pet or help a neighbor, and didn’t get back in time. :scream:

Obviously, it’s a personal decision (unless you are a landlord, in which case you should talk to your insurer about your liabilities), but it’s just something to keep in mind.

A safer course is to also have a camera in the garage, get a notification if the garage door is left open for more than 15 minutes, and then to manually check the camera and, if warranted, to close the garage door.



I have mine send me an alert every ten minutes when the door is open and there is no motion in the garage. After 30 minutes of no motion, if the garage door is still open, it automatically closes.

I use CoRE to do this.


I use power allowance in the smart lighting app

How are you doing that?

I’m using a custom device handler for the linear gd00z-4. It shows up as a switch or door. Using the smart lighting app just set the power allowance for the time you’d like it to close if open longer than…

Depending on your relay, you could also use a custom instance of SHM. That way you get text notification and voice notification via Sonos when closing the garage.

Would you mind sharing your piston for this? I have been trying to accomplish a similar thing (reminders every 15 minutes after the first half hour), but am new to Smartthings and CoRE and haven’t been able to figure out the correct code to make it work. I was digging through the piston help thread, but with over 3000 replies and the fact that the search in thread feature appears to not work correctly for me, it has been frustrating to find the answer on my own.

No problem. I’ll post it.

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Thanks so much! I started with that and made a couple little tweaks, and it’s working perfectly for my needs.

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Cool to see someone with a similar problem. I just put up a SmartApp that addresses your issues using a motion sensor. It’s extremely lightweight: [RELEASE] Idle Garage Door

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Here is my version using CoR


Can you share how you have this setup? I am not very good at understanding core and smartthings. If you could post pictures that would be great. thank you in advance, you have solved my issue.

I cannot seem to get the sensor which tells me the door is open or closed in core, what configuration can i use?

what device handler are you using for your door controller?

I have this as the relay ( GoControl Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture Module - FS20Z-1) and this as my motion controller ( Ecolink Intelligent Technology Z-Wave Garage Door Tilt Sensor, White (TILT-ZWAVE2-ECO)). I got them setup on the API website as Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch and Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor.

I have tried to implement this but can’t seem to get the flow identical to yours. You have “If” Conditions, “When true” actions and “Then Actions” I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to configure “when true” as part of the IF group. I almost figure it’d be easier just to write an app with a real keyboard than trying to do all these intricate things with a phone. Maybe some day, but for now any pointers would help. I have loaded up the idle garage door app just to get something going, but I’d prefer to have more of what your piston will do.

Please check WebCoRE out, you can program this all on your computer now, not on a tiny phone…You can search there and if you don’t find something, just post there and I am sure someone will help you out:

I wanted to do something similar but I’m always worried I’ll be working on something and have it half in or half out of the garage for the garage door to shut on it. This is why I’ll let it alert me and I can do it manually via Smart Things.