CoRE - Help with piston - Set dimmer to 100% if the switch is already on

Hi all, I’m trying to setup my first piston and am heaving a little trouble getting a particular piece done. I did some searching but didn’t find any similar questions (maybe my search skills suck). I’m trying to enable a scenario where my dimmer switch is on and I want to increase brightness to 100% if I tap “on” on the paddle again. Essentially:

Tap on -> dimmer turns on to previous value, e.g. 20%
Tap on any time later -> dimmer increases to 100%

I’m just don’t see a condition that listens for the “On” command when a switch is already on.

You’ll get your quickest answer if you ask in the core peer assistance thread, that’s where most of the core experts hang out. :sunglasses: Just add your question to the end of that thread.

Thanks! didn’t realize there was a thread for this :frowning:

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