CoRE piston statement

What variable due I use to add time to a piston , new at this … Senior citizen

What exactly are you trying to achieve? Send a message and include the time? Not sure I know what you need…

Set a device to go on or off using minutes , hours .i want to turn on a light for a pre determine amount of time then shut off after a accurance.

Ok, what makes the light turn on? Any particular event? And then, once turned on, you want it to stay on for a predetermined amount of time and turn off regardless of any other events?

Motion sensor turn light on then stay on for x amount of time .

Are you sure you want the light to turn off after a set time after turning on or after a set time after the motion stops?!

In CoRE, add a simple piston:

   Motion sensor is active
   Using light...
      > turn on
   Using light... (scroll down to find TCP - task cancellation policy - and set it to "cancel on piston state change")
      > wait 2 minutes
      > turn off

To explain, if the motion becomes active, the light will turn on. If the motion becomes inactive, a turn off will be scheduled after the set time (2 minutes in my example). If motion is detected during the 2 minutes, the turn off task is cancelled and the light remains on. When motion stops again, the 2 minute timer starts again. If no motion is detected during the next two minutes, the light finally turns off.

If you simply want it to turn off after x minutes regardless of motion stop/restart…

   Motion is active
   Using light...
      > Turn on
      > Wait 2 minutes
      > Turn off

After motion stops.

We’re due on find the THEN statement I’m new at this

Andy I found the Then statement thanks for ur help.

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