Copy and pasting code into the IDE

Can someone help me understand exactly how to use the smart app that RBoy shared that allows me to manage the user codes for my schlage door lock. I just need a lesson on where and how to cut and paste it into where and what to do next.


I’m sorry he didn’t provide you with full instructions, I’m sure that’s frustrating. :pensive:

You paid to access his code bank, right? If so, you should get support directly from him.

He’s one of the only developers who charges for his code, and he says that he does so in part because he provides support for his customers.

If instead you got the code directly from a link in this forum, just ask in the topic where you found the code originally, and someone will be happy to help you.


This post should help. You have to copy the code @rboy provides into a new app in the IDE

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I saw that he posted the code here in the community in the thread about this topic (THANKS RBOY!) But what I don’t know is where to start the cut and paste and where to end it…

Here are the details from the SmartApps

For installing a Smart App follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your IDE at (create a login if you don’t have one)
  2. Click on “My SmartApps”
  3. Click on “+New SmartApp” on the top right
  4. Click “From Code”
  5. Copy paste the code into the editor and click “Create”
  6. Click “Publish” and then “For me” on the top right
  7. Open you SmartThings App on your iPhone, click on the “+” at the bottom of the main screen to add a new Smart App. Slide the menu to the right until you see My Apps.
  8. Scroll down the “My Apps” section until you see the new app you just created and click on it on install / configure it. You’re done!

@Ginny if you also decide to subscribe to my apps, on my server I’ve placed 2 files called Installing SmartDevices and Installing SmartApps which explain step by step to use Smart Devices and Smart Apps in addition to other files which explain the various apps and how they work.