Cooper Aspire 9540-N and 9542-Z Switches Year 2020

Good afternoon, professional alike! I’m new to Smartthings, but not home automation. I have a complete setup using Honeywell Tuxedo Touch with a Vista 21ip alarm panel.

I’ve read most of the posts regarding the Cooper/Eaton Aspire 9540-N and 9542-Z switches and not sure on what to do. I have like 40 of these switches that I was going to install.

I’m pissed with Honeywell for not keeping up with this. The Tuxedo Touch was a nice addition to their wired security system in tying in the security with home automation early on. We’re still waiting for their new Tuxedo Touch.
I have a bunch of stuff connected to my Tuxedo Touch and have an issue with these switches.
First off, the 9540-N is fully supported with the Tuxedo Touch and works as expected.
The 9542-Z is not supported and comes up as unknown device within the Tuxedo Touch.
The Tuxedo Touch does not do associations. This is my issue.
I have a bunch of wired and 5800 series Honeywell wireless sensors. One in particular is a driveway 5800 wireless sensor. This thing works great!
What I’m trying to do is setup a scene where after 10pm at night, if this thing senses any motion, turn on my first and porch lights. Of course, my front and back porch lights are on 3-way switches.
I have a Cooper Aspire handheld remote. I used it to add both switches to the handheld, then associated them together. They work fine in this configuration, but since they are part of this Z-wave network, I cannot add them to the Tuxedo Touch.
I bought a SmartThings WiFi cheap and was able to default it and connect it up with my tablet. I was able to use both versions of SmartThings Apps to add both 9540-N and 9542-Z to the app, then use Lighting groups to add them together. This sucks. I can turn on the lights, dim them, and turn off through the app and through the 9540-N, but the 9542-Z will work through the app, but won’t turn on the light, nor does the 9540-N turn on.
My thought was to use SmartThings to associate them together, then add the Tuxedo Touch as a secondary controller, then use the Tuxedo touch to have my porch lights turn on.

My goal (our goal) is to use one app to contol all home automation!

Any assistance would greatly be accepted.


I’ve been able to add 9540 and 9542 to the Cooper handheld remote then associate them. Then add the remote to the Honeywell Tuxedo. This keeps the association on the two switches and works fine. The issue is that I try to add my Schlage locks to the Cooper handheld and will not add them. Once the Tuxedo is in Secondary mode, I cannot add another directly to the Tuxedo.

I’ve tried Smartthings association but cannot get it to work properly. I read about the Z-wave Tweaker but not sure how to set this up. I’ve tried to add the Smartthings to the Tuxedo and all the devices come up unknown.

I just bought a Veralite to try as well but getting pretty frustrated that none of these things work together properly.

Any input would be great!

Locks can only be added to the primary since it owns the encryption keys, so that part makes sense.

The zwave tweaker should work fine for this purpose. You will temporarily assign the trigger device, in this case the Cooper 9542 (the accessory switch) to the Z wave Tweaker DTH using the web interface to your smartthings account, which is called the IDE.

Then you will use the tweaker to set the associations. These will be stored in the firmware of the 9542.

At that point you can switch back to using the original DTH and everything will work fine.

Note that you don’t need to do anything at all with the master switch, the 9540. Just the accessory switch. :sunglasses:

I’m not feeling well today, so I can’t go into more details on this, but the people in the Z wave tweaker thread will be glad to help you.

Before you start, you might want to read the following FAQ so you get familiar with the terminology and the basic concepts.

FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings (SmartThings Classic)

Good luck, it should work fine.

Good afternoon, guys! I’ve installed Zwave Tweaker and even looked at youtube video

I cannot get my Cooper 9540-N and 9542-Z switches to talk and need assist.


You need to ask your question in the tweaker thread. People there will help you. :sunglasses:

Good morning, JD! Thanks for replying thought-out this adventure.

I’ve found solution to my problem thinking in bed last night. :slight_smile:

I have a Honeywell Vista 21ip alarm panel with wired, and 5800 series wireless sensors. I have (4) keypads, 6160V for programming, (3) touchscreens, 6280W, and (2) Tuxedo Touches.

I was messing around with all these combinations, I bought a Smartthings Wifi with hub, and a VeraLite to test.

The main issue is that the Tuxedos don’t associate Z-Wave.

The VeraLite worked until I did a factory reset which threw it into an infinite loop. I threw it in my electronics recycling pile.

I tried the Samsung Smartthings. I can add all my existing Z-Wave devices to it including the Cooper handheld remote. I was able to associate the 9540-N and 9542-Z using the remote and actually worked correctly! When I added the Smartthings hub to the Tuxedo Touch, I lost the association and would not work from the switches or Smartthings. I could not get the Z-wave Tweaker to work properly.

In be last night, I was thinking about this found a solution. I’m in IT so I do this often.

I woke up and factory reset everything. I added the 9540-N and the 9542-Z devices to the Cooper remote. I associated them, and works fine. I added my 9501 and 9517 as well and associated them as well. All worked! I even added a lamp module and associated that to the 9501.

I’m going to leave all my existing Z-Wave devices, Schlage door locks (5), garage door, Somfy 16 channel RTS to Z-Wave all on one Tuxedo Touch, and then add all my Eaton/Cooper Aspire switches to the Cooper remote, associate them all, them all them all to the second Tuxedo Touch I have.

Thanks again for the time!

I’m glad you found a solution. :sunglasses: