Converting / integrating a large wired security system...?

I just discovered ST so first post after plenty reading over the past few days. I have a large home and currently building a large addition. I need to make plenty AV and integration decisions soon since we will start installing light fixtures, receptacles, switches, etc in a month. I was set on going with Control4 automation and a traditional alarm system until a few days ago when I discovered smartthings. Now my ideas have done a 180 since the Control4 guys push different products and ideas and now I like smartthings… I just ordered the smartthings hub, smart switches, etc. My home already has WIRED 5 sirens, 5 keypads, 7 motions around 40 door / window contacts and plenty zones. I found the Konnected company online with their old wired alarm system solution. I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas for converting / integrating a large wired security system with ST… ?? Thanks in advance…!!

For SmartThings integration, @heythisisnate’s is definitely the way to go. Almost infinitely expandable.

You’ll still be subject to SmartThings’s quirks and limitations, but Nate’s customer community is starting to come up with the basic resilency recommendations (battery / UPS for certain components, simple routers that can failover to cellular, etc.).