Converting dumb rocker switch to smart Zigbee switch for 7$

We use both switchbots and the better engineered Naran Push microbots at our house, but while they definitely have their uses (I have very limited use of my hands) they get pretty expensive if you’re just using them for a light switch. $29 for each switchbot plus you have to get their Cloudbridge if you want to have integration with SmartThings (via IFTTT). So that’s not really the same audience as this thread was intended for.

Instead, you can look at the two options already discussed in this thread: a battery operated button or A Sonoff relay and spend much less. :sunglasses:

Buttons are listed in the following thread (this is a clickable link)

And of course the new 2018 smartthings button only costs $15.

For information on Sonoff, which requires some technical work, just search the forum.

And if you’re not concerned about the price as much as you are finding a solution for a switchbox that doesn’t have a neutral, see the new FAQ on that:

So again, I like the switchbot for some purposes, but I use it more for pushing buttons on things like a blender or a DVD player.