Controlling Smarthings Hub via http or ip sockets? Is it possible?


Have searched the forum and can’t resolve this question.
Use case: multiple devices controlled by Smarthings Hub – but I want to integrate control (2-way) of said devices into a Home Automation system.

I use iRule, but the question would equally apply to Crestron/AMX/Roomie etc…
Ideally, one would would have a two way tcp ip socket between the Home Automation software and teh Smarthings Hub that would allow one to send commands and receive feedback.

Does such a mechanism exist? If so where do I find out about it? If not…will it?

I’m looking for a similar solution. I’ve been using iRule for a while now to control my A/V equipment. I’ve recently purchased a ST Hub and some GE Link lights. I’d like to be able to integrate control of the ST Hub via my iRule interface by sending commands to the hub and receiving feedback from the hub.

You cannot connect to the hub directly, but you can communicate with the apps running in the SmartThings cloud via HTTP/REST interface. Those apps can send commands to the hub and control your devices. Search forums for the “REST Endpoint Example”.