Smart Things, Samsung TV and google home

When I am using smartthings on my Samsung Galaxy S10 it allows me to turn my tv off (A galaxy 6 series 50).

Once I do this is says offline

  1. Check that the device is on etc…
  2. Check your network connections …

But if tap the power button on the smart things app the tv turns back on so there is some connection.

My problem is that as I have google home with the smarthings skill setup it only allows me to turn the tv off. The offline message is being picked by google home.

Is there a fix for smartthings so it doesn’t see the tv as offline?

Is your tv connected via Ethernet or WiFi?

Its using Wifi.

My Samsung Phone S10+ running smartthings uses wifi

Samsung TV uses Wifi

My Google Home Device uses Wifi

All devices are using the same wifi network.