In wall volume control for hard wired speakers

Any ideas for volume control that connects to ST so I can use ST to turn it off after a certain amount of time (already found a smartapp doe this)

The volume control switch will be inside. This would be used for outdoor speakers that are on the same source as indoor speakers. I want to make sure the speakers are off next time the music is turned on.

I already have the multi- zone setup to support this. Thanks

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Would it be easier to do this with ST to Logitech Harmony hub integration? I don’t actually know if it is possible, just speculating.

Do you have power available?

Could use a Zwave relay on one of the speaker wires.

Yes there is power. Something like the “Aeon Labs DSC26103-ZWUS - Z-Wave In-Wall Micro Controller”? How would it be wired?

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If that is just a “dry contact” relay - and I think it is. Just wire one leg of the speaker through it. Just the same as a switch would be wired.

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BTW, a question: Is “dry contact” same thing as “isolated contact”? Thanks!

In my common knowledge - I’d say yes.

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Thanks guys. I’ll give it a try and report back

Thanks! This does helps to make sense of various product descriptions out there.

I am in the same boat as you and wondering if the relay worked for you. I have four rooms with speakers in the ceiling and want SmartThings to control which rooms are “on” and certain rooms “off”… if the relay worked do you have any tips? Thanks

Hi, sorry I am replying much later than the last post but I am wanting to do this, did you guys get this working?