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Controlling multiple lights natively

Hello. Is there a feature on the roadmap to allow control of a group of lights? This is really a long time coming. I have connected Smartthings to Google Home for this feature alone.

I want direct control of a group of bulbs so I can set brightness and / or color as I please.

I’d love to hear there is a solution to this now but I’ll take a roadmap item for it.

Good news! They just added it. Bad news: once grouped, the group isn’t available to automations or voice assistants. But baby steps!


I don’t see lighting groups yet on the Android version for the new app yet. Everything else in the list of Add options is there, so hopefully we Android users will see this rolled out to us soon.

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Ah, yeah, the iOS update came out a couple days ago.


This is a definite improvement and I missed that it was added, but where is the color picker? That and the automation integration and we’re golden!

yeah, color temperature and full color picker would be a nice addition. Baby steps :slight_smile:

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