Can't automate a lighting group

It is nice that the ST app lets you add lights to a group, but it seems you can’t make a group of lights an automation target - e.g. “turn off the indoor lights group at 1am”. Instead you seem to have to manually add all the lights to the rule.

Please let groups be automation targets.


Agree. Groups are nearly useless without this.

Also need to expose them to Alexa and other voice assistants


This is my second most wanted feature. I have two sengled bulbs linked to a smartthings multipurpose sensor. When I open a door, the two lights will turn on one at a time. I want to automate the lights as a group so that they turn on simultaneously. Is there a way to achieve this?

+1 on this request. It seems like a waste to have it on there if you cannot do anything with them.

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