Alexa, Hue + SmartThings

Ok, this has been getting really frustrating. What’s the fix here?


  • I want Hue lights to be accessable by Amazon Alexa.
  • I want some SmartThings connected outlets to be accessable by Alexa.
  • I want SmartThings to have access to Hue bulbs so that I can proxy switch states to Hue bulbs.

*Hue lights being controlled by the SmartThings API through the Alexa API have very bad response rates (and often drop commands). This kind of proxy-command spaghetti is obviously frought with issues given we’re making too many services talk to each other. If I say “Alexa, turn off entry light” and it’s a Hue connected bulb… SmartThings will fail to pass the message. If the light is connected through AMZ directly to the Hue service, it works great and is very fast…

What I’ve tried:
*Delete all the hue connected bulbs via SmartThings in Alexa app (they get added automatically again within a half hour or so)
*Add only Philips Royal connected bulbs to groups. Works, but it is tedious… you can’t issue voice commands to specific bulbs. (duplicate SmartThings listing and Philips Royal listing for 1 bulb)

We no longer have the ability to limit Alexa’s access to specific devices, so this is no longer a avenue.

What are people doing? How can I prevent a SmartThings third party integration from propagating to another service? All the solutions seem to be from 2017, which don’t apply to the tools we have today.

you need to disable the Hue bulbs in Alexa that are connected via the SmartThings skill. Don’t delete them because they will get added back next time you run device discovery.


Great. I missed that discussion. That works alright, seems like you just have to add both the disabled light and the enabled light into groups because the interface to create groups on the Alexa app doesn’t make it possible to tell which bulb is which.

Correct. It is flagged as disabled inside the group, though.