Controller for Andon Light Tower

Looking for a way to control the lights of my andon. I looked into RGBetc controllers and it seems none of them will allow control of each channel simultaneously. I need it to be cloud service free. I’m going to give this Homeseer HS-WX300 a shot. It has indicators built in but my andon dream is starting to fade. Thanks for looking.

Aeotec hub
Android app

Something like the Zooz ZEN31 RGBW Controller might be a more appropriate choice. The Homeseer device you indicated may have RGB LEDs, but they are just for use as an annunciator. That device is a simple dimmer/switch for use with any dimmable lamp.

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I just got off the horn with the Zoozbot. It assured me this would do just what I needed. Good thing i didn’t pull the trigger on the homeseer.

Gracious Barkis

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Well that worked. Now I want edge drivers, consolidate all the switches under one device and two more channels. Otherwise, I’m pleased as peaches. :partying_face: it was as simple as adding the device via QR code and adding the conditions for on and off.

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