Best Practice To Control a LED Flood Light

So I got one of these but the 10W version for my chicken coop to light up the run at night if our motion sensor detects anything to scare away the intruder.

So I hooked up that one with some cord and stuck a plug on the end and plugged it into a Leviton Appliance Module to control it. So now I want to add 2 more of these to my house but I was wondering if there is another device that I use to control the light with perhaps in line? I know I could put a zwave outlet in place and plug it into that but I was thinking something that I could stick in a junction box and have it be controlled in there. Thanks for the help with this in advance.

You could put either one of these in the junction box to turn on the lights.
Aeon Labs DSC26103
Monoprice z-wave on/off

I wondered about the aeonlabs micro switch but wasn’t sure since I won’t be using a physical switch. Can you tell me how you would wire it up? Thanks.