Harbor Breeze Light/Fan Control with remote I use for two separate lights

I looked for past posts and could not find any. Please Guide this newb if this has been covered.

In the year, 6 ps (Pre SmartThings) i could not find a remote light control for 2 seperate lights.So I used these Harbor Breeze remote Fan switches to control two sets of lights instead of 1 light and a fan. (The picture below works 4 sets of light) The one connected to the light buttons had full on/off and full dim capabilities. The lights connected to the fan button (Depending on the type of light) usually had two levels of light that I could choose. High was High. Med was Med and Low didn’t come on. If it were Halogen g-10 lights, Only High would work. Same for LED
Now in year 3 as, I am having the same problems finding a two light switch that is smart.
So my question. Are there two light smart switches that I could not find?
Has anyone tried the Fan/Light smart switch from say Lutron to control two sets of lights instead of a fan and a light? Would any of the new Aeon in wall Switches work? But would I have to have 4 of them in my wall? Any and all considerations would be helpful. Especially the ones that do not include buy more hardware.Also, I can not Use Ge, Lux or Hue lamps to achieve what I need. Some sets of lights are g-10 i.e.
Thank you in advance

My current set up is
1 ST Hub
1 Phillips Hue Hub
1 Harmony Home hub and controler
2 ST motion sensors
1 ST Open Close Sensor
2 Two Ge dimmers light switches with motion sensing Non Smart

I don’t know of any combo fan / light modules. Could you post the one you’re interested in. I have a desire to integrate my fan with light kit too but as far as I know there’s no single module solution in z-wave or zigbee. Insteon offers there FanLinc but we can’t use that obviously.

I have the same remote setup for my bedroom & in the same boat & love how it works (have the switch at the door & a remote at the bed). I want to integrate Zwave into the equation. There is the option of cracking open another remote & using an Arduino with a Zwave shield to actuate the buttons.

I’m thinking using a SDR (Software Defined Radio) to send out the same signals from an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi . That could easily controll multipel fans & be a lot more flexible. Somebody in my local DEFcon group had sucess controlling his fan with a SDR. Going to hit him up for his research.

Also sometimes you can just hijack the buttons of the remote with + and - around the button solder joints.Sometimes, voltage and many other conditions permitting.