Have hue trigger zwave outlet?

I have a question. I currently have GE zwave dimmer on my dinning room light. I want to replace those lights with LEDs and last time i tried it my dimmer was buzzing and lights flickered when i dimmed it. Its not compatible with LEDs. I just picked up v1 hue hub and 5 hue lights.
Currently when I turn on dinning room light it triggers my zwave outlet that in turn turns on china cabinet lights and turns off when i turn off the dinning room light.

I’m thinking of removing GE switch and installing original non zwave switch back and then use hue lights to control china cabinet. Is this possible? Another question is it a smart choice? Or should i just get LED compatible Leviton VRS15-1LZ switch and use that along with hue lights ?



The thing with dimmers and bulbs is that both have to support each other. Example if you want to dim a led or fluorescent bulb both the bulb has to support dimming (not all do) and the switch has to support dimming that type of bulb. You current situation could simply be you are trying to dim led bulbs that don’t support dimming also.

These are also valid possibilitys, what you choose should depend on your use case as they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

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